Saturday, June 12, 2010

Long time comin..

For about six years now, I have been looking at and lusting over the idea of having my own gypsy wagon or Vardo to camp in. I like the idea of having something entirely unique and, since i attend Pennsic War every year that I'm able, something that will get me up off the ground and out of the mud down there in the swamp.

Well due to some very serendipitous circumstances, this year I am finally able to make my dream a reality. Having moved back to my hometown a year ago means that I have the space and the tools, lumber and experience of my father, to build this thing.

I decided to purchase plans for a bow top style wagon from Timothy Lemke over at American Vardo. Tim has modified the design of a traditional bow top to be easily built on a 4'x8' utility trailer. It's lightweight design means it can easily be pulled by even a small 4 cylinder vehicle, so my Suburu Tribeca (The Truffle) should have no problem.

Now given that this camper is primarily for Pennsic War, which is two weeks long, I wanted to make sure that I would have enough space to live comfortably and store all my stuff for that time. I ended up going with a 5'x10' trailer with ramp and will modify the plans slightly to take advantage of the extra space. Besides the full sized bed that will take up the rear 4 1/2' or so of the Vardo I plan also to build in two 1 1/2' - 2' closets on either side of the door (or the bed, haven't decided exactly yet) one of which will be used as a closet to hang up my garb, the other as a pantry. The remaining room will be used for chill space and I also want to rig up some sort of vanity/eating table. I'm hoping the ramp will be able to remain on the trailer so that i can prop it level with some cinder-blocks and use it as a "porch".

Big plans indeed, and all before the first week of august!

We are going today to buy what lumber we don't already have and as soon as the templates for the front and rear plywood sections arrive we will start the build. I plan on posting pictures and updates as the work progresses. Whee!

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