Monday, July 19, 2010

angles and angels

The next step was to assemble the ledges and ledge runners that attach on the top of the box.

The ledges were easy as they are just 1"x12"s cut to the length of the box. The ledge runners, however, posed a considerable problem. They are 12' long and needed to have a 65 degree angle along one edge. Now technically we had the proper equipment to do this but what we didn't have was the room. Where the table saw is set up in the basement does not allow for 12' of clearance on either side, even if there wasn't a bunch of stuff in the way.

Thankfully a cousin of ours who lives just up the road from my folks came to the rescue. Jim has a beautiful woodshop and was kind enough to help us out. The fun part was getting the boards over there. Dad's truck only has a 5' bed so I had to ride in the back sitting on the boards to keep them from bouncing out...

That's me back home with the finished boards and rufus t cat coming to investigate.

The box with the assembled ledges on.

Now we got to the fun part; cutting out the plywood end pieces. I was really glad that I spent the extra money to get the templates. It was fairly easy to extend them in the middle for the extra foot we needed. It was also fairly easy to shorten them when we realized we'd miscalculated again! But eventually we got the fit right and got them on the box.

It's beginning to look like something you might actually camp in! We also cut out the top plywood end pieces (measuring very carefully this time) and tonight dad and I cut out the king posts from 2'x6's reclaimed from an old picnic table. Once those are on I think I can be reasonable sure that I'll be done in time! I'm so excited!!!


  1. Yay! Your sister here is intensely jealous! *sigh*

  2. Very exciting watching your wagon progress. I'm still developing plans for the one I will build this fall. Can you explain the metal mesh ramp thing?