Sunday, July 18, 2010

paint and misery...

Alot of paint in fact. And some considerable misery. I spent most of the week getting the base painted so we could move on to the next steps in construction.

The bottom of the vardo and the floor inside both needed painting with porch and floor enamel which takes longer to dry and and the sides needed painted with their final color before we could set the base on the trailer.

I've been using mostly mis-tint paint and what I was able to find in my parents basement. The green was one of those finds, I dig it. The inside is going to be mostly cream/off white so as to keep it as bright as possible in there.

And now for the misery...

What you see here is a base partially on the trailer, it was fully on the trailer untill we realized that the 3/8" plywood pieces had to go on the front and back, a fact we had not previously taken into consideration. We had made the box 1" too long. One measly inch, but it had to come off or else the gate would not shut once the plywood was on the front and back. Did I mention that we had used copious amounts of wood glue?

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